I gave myself two or three sentences per piece. I also titled each piece; titles seem as essential to nanofiction as to poetry. Writing these itty-bitty stories was fun. In order of their composition:

Nothing Left to Talk About
She said I make everything about me, even this. I said that was true.

Because We’ve Seen Worse
One night while we were on the balcony, an SUV jumped the curb and smashed into a palm tree. We could see the whole thing without standing: the palm crashing into three lanes of traffic, cars braking and spinning, the police coming from Fintas. We only got up when our drinks were finished.

The Piano in the Sky
Sadie hadn’t studied but passed with a B. She walked around campus, out-of-body, waiting for the score to even. By Thursday she was afraid to get out of bed.

Wedding Toast
Jack said all the wrong things, in a row. Only the deaf great-aunt raised her glass when he said, “To the Mr. and Mrs.”

Home From the Amazon
Two women met Cal at the airport. He held out the laminated card he carried: I had a parasite that gave me amnesia which is why I look confused. Cal wasn’t sure he was allowed to say no when the older woman hugged him and the younger took his hand and kissed his mouth.