What I’ll Write When I Have Time To Write

Like, maybe this Wednesday, right?

The following ideas are showing up in my WP again and again:

Being Still
Being Present

I can’t tackle them all at once, but one topic I am so so close to drafting is


yet I am a little (lot) afraid I’ll just turn it into a giant righteous rant with a load of qualifiers and an end admission of hypocrisy. I do think we are all a little (lot) too plugged in to our devices. I think we’ve made so much noise in this world, it’s difficult to hear our clear thoughts, listen to God and find quiet. While I’d love a wilderness run, I don’t have a wilderness nearby. But I do have off switches and silence settings.

We find a measure of comfort and dullness in excessive refreshes: social media, news cycle, bite-size entertainment. I do not think I have anything newly critical to add to the technology/unplugging conversation except to lay out my own interaction with media.

That may be worth nearly nothing.

Even so. I believe our individual, specific stories matter. So write your relationship with technology. Write what you’re plugged in to. Write what you want to unplug. Actually unplug and write that experience. A twenty-four hour novelty. Go!