I know practically nothing about quantum entanglement aside from a short primer via NPR’s Invisibilia at the top of their show “Entanglement” and a hasty Google search. Even so, I’ve been writing around the idea of

as per
writing and reading

for the past week. Writing last week’s fiction workhorse, I thought about my relationship to my characters. Writers show up in their fictional pieces. Always in tiny ways – a snip of remembered conversation, the name of a restaurant. But sometimes we put more of ourselves into a character. And sometimes a character gets into us. I carry these people around. It’s like a joke my mom told (did it happen? or was it only a joke?) about a woman at a prayer meeting, sending up prayers for all these people in terrible situations. Turns out she was interceding on behalf of a soap opera.

Entanglement is interesting enough to me that I’ll keep exploring. Go listen to the episode linked above. The first story, “Mirror Touch,” is a beautiful and complex picture of synesthesia.