Sarah Marslender

I keep a writing practice. I show up at the page nearly every day. My notebooks contain responses to prompts, fiction and essay starts, and loads of journaling. I write what I am in the middle of, plainly. There is always something. My husband, Justin, and I live in Korea with our two kids, Claire and Grant.

I have faith in Christ. I sense the value of writing my way through prayer or to a measure of understanding. Though I am sure of my God, I still fight yielding to holiness and love, daily and specifically. I go to the Word and listen. And I show up at the page to examine and exhort.

My current notebook is always the most inflammatory. It is immediate. Refinement is a mess in the middle. There is overlap and repetition. But let my notebooks reveal growth.

I write fiction from my experiences and questions, and enjoy pulling essays from my WP. This blog is where I post excerpts from my WP and drafts, and comment on my writing process. I am currently enrolled in the Stonecoast MFA program.

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