Here And Now Weighed More

I decided to challenge myself in June and write daily from a prompt. I turned nearly every prompt into a response to my personal life, essentially journaling with the lightest of constraints.

Here and now I am became a go-to.

Sometimes it’s like that. Not every turn at the page becomes a start. I show up, more in the spirit of Natalie Goldberg, taking my writing practice as meditation. I open on the page. I repeat myself, trusting repetition is inherently valuable. Writing the same ___ allows me a different kind of practice, a refinement of my thoughts, beliefs, opinions, emotions: open to sway, argument and resolution.

When I am generous with myself, I take this repetition as hopeful. I am unfinished. And unfinished is a beautiful adjective. But when I am harsh with myself, that same repetition makes me impatient. After ___ years I am still writing about ___ ! Like, when will I learn, forgive, accept, repent, enjoy, heal, turn! All of that lands in my pages too, the frustration that I am still dealing with ___, even if in a new context.

Selfish ambition

Let me return to hope. I am unfinished. Let me take heart in the process.

Even this is a revisit of a familiar theme. I keep writing about refinement, waiting for the better expression. Perhaps all my writing around refinement adds up to the better expression, illustrating process.


June WP prompts weren’t a bust. On the whole, June just wasn’t a month of fun writing. It was a month of necessary writing. And I am grateful for a pen and notebook to ground me in the here and now.

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